American Brownie Recipe!

Perhaps my all-time favorite days of the school years have been when I've made brownies with my students. I'm not sure that will be a possibility this year, but the optimist in me has still wanted to go forward and share this recipe now... (Scroll down for the same recipe with metric measurements.)

I've made some Boom Cards that go with them and there's a video embedded within it that teaches the eight ingredients.  This link will work for two weeks. If you're seeing it later than September 28th, 2020, drop me a note for a trial version... There is also a vocabulary handout for sale with the eight ingredients.

For teachers with older/more advanced students, I've also made four-page versions of this recipe. They're in these PDFs with the short versions too from this blog post. You can print what you need...

Happy baking! Let me know if you try them!


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