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Review: Boom Cards from Boom Learning

When we went into confinement here in France, I found myself browsing many American Facebook pages (mostly teaching) and spending way too much online. But among the gems I found during this time was . Their “Boom Cards” are online interactive games created by teachers for their students. Teachers can monitor what games the students have played and see how well they have done. They can also share and sell the games they’ve made (and accompanying materials) on the same platform. I was immediately hooked. I needed something to help me keep my private students’ attention for hour-long classes once per week. We were doing live Bingo and “Treasure Hunts” where they found items around the house like socks and salt, but I knew I’d need something more exciting. Eventually, I increased classes to twice a week, and 1.5 hours; I credit the Boom Cards for keeping them actively engaged.  H ow do the cards work? Teachers either buy or create these online educational games. Some c

Lucky and Kelly in Summer

Here's our latest video! I will post a few more over the summer... I hope you are enjoying your holidays!