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Teachers Pay Teachers Site Wide Sale

If you've searched online for teaching materials at some point in your career, no matter how long you've been a teacher, you've surely come across Teachers Pay Teachers. It's a great site for getting lost on a Sunday afternoon, or at 2 a.m. if you're not careful. According to their web site, 5 million teachers used the site in the past year, there are more than 3 million resources on the site, and one billion resources have been downloaded since its inception. That's billion with a "B."  A former New York City school teacher, Paul Edelman started the site in 2006 and it's grown to be one of the highest traffic sites in the world. As of today, it's ranked 1,218 in the world and 449 in the United States. I've seen it rank as well as low 200s in the US... These are incredible stats when we consider the fact that there are about 400 million active sites in the world today! Earlier this year, I finally launched my own store on Teachers Pay Teach