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2020 American Presidential Elections

In the 15 years I've been teaching English in France, I've found that my students (of all ages) are more and more interested in American politics, and of course in our elections. Awareness is at an all-time high. While talking with some students a few months ago, one child asked out loud what The United States was. Another replied, "You know, Donald Trump!" The other just said, "Oh!" clearly aware of the name.  They were five years old.     While I don't talk about politics with the young children, I also teach teenagers and adults, so I've spent time lately working on some non-partisan materials that I hope will help them to gain some clarity on the subject beyond just knowing the candidates.  I've made a few Boom Cards (online games) with videos that can be used to help explain how the elections work in very simple terms.  These are for feasible for use with non-native speakers and those who aren't familiar with the US election system.    H