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"Ten Fingers" Body Parts Song

Okay, so who isn't tired of singing, "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" (HSKT) with the kiddos?  Sure, it's a great song, but I needed something else. I wanted something that is also just as fun to act out, and I wanted a song that included important body parts like arms and legs that aren't in HSKT... As I often do when I can't find something, I just created something to fit my needs. In this case, it was the short song, "Ten Fingers." (Disclaimer: I'm no singer, but you can get the tune!)  You can find a video of "Ten Fingers" on the fifth card of these Boom Cards until Feb 19, 2022. (Boom's system enables the links to work for a two-week period. If you're finding this blog post later, drop me an email for a fresh link .) / mwqw If you're not sure what Boom Cards are, please take a look at my post from July 24, 2020.   If you check out the rest of my Boom account you can see that I make a variet