American Brownie Recipe!

Perhaps my all-time favorite days of the school years have been when I've made brownies with my students. I'm not sure that will be a possibility this year, but the optimist in me has still wanted to go forward and share this recipe now... (Scroll down for the same recipe with metric measurements.)
I've made some Boom Cards that go with them and there's a video embedded within it that teaches the eight ingredients.  This link will work for two weeks. If you're seeing it later than September 28th, 2020, drop me a note for a trial version... There is also a vocabulary handout for sale with the eight ingredients.
For teachers with older/more advanced students, I've also made four-page versions of this recipe. They're in these PDFs with the short versions too from this blog post. You can print what you need... Click here for American measurements and here for metrics.
Happy baking! Let me know if you try them!

New Games to Teach Body Parts!

Here are my latest Boom Card games. They have a song to teach eight body parts: chin, neck, wrist, elbows, hair, back, fingers, and ankles... There is a video of the song embedded... It's a familiar tune! I'm not a singer. Take a listen and get a laugh! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜„The first one is for non-readers, the second for readers and the third is for children who want to test their knowledge without hearing the word. take suggestions if there is a particular vocabulary group your children would like...The links above are valid for two weeks...Have fun! 

Teachers Pay Teachers Site Wide Sale

If you've searched online for teaching materials at some point in your career, no matter how long you've been a teacher, you've surely come across Teachers Pay Teachers. It's a great site for getting lost on a Sunday afternoon, or at 2 a.m. if you're not careful.
According to their web site, 5 million teachers used the site in the past year, there are more than 3 million resources on the site, and one billion resources have been downloaded since its inception. That's billion with a "B." 
A former New York City school teacher, Paul Edelman started the site in 2006 and it's grown to be one of the highest traffic sites in the world. As of today, it's ranked 1,218 in the world and 449 in the United States. I've seen it rank as well as low 200s in the US... These are incredible stats when we consider the fact that there are about 400 million active sites in the world today!

Earlier this year, I finally launched my own store on Teachers Pay Teacher…

Review: Boom Cards from Boom Learning

When we went into confinement here in France, I found myself browsing many American Facebook pages (mostly teaching) and spending way too much online. But among the gems I found during this time was Their “Boom Cards” are online interactive games created by teachers for their students. Teachers can monitor what games the students have played and see how well they have done. They can also share and sell the games they’ve made (and accompanying materials) on the same platform.
I was immediately hooked. I needed something to help me keep my private students’ attention for hour-long classes once per week. We were doing live Bingo and “Treasure Hunts” where they found items around the house like socks and salt, but I knew I’d need something more exciting. Eventually, I increased classes to twice a week, and 1.5 hours; I credit the Boom Cards for keeping them actively engaged. 
How do the cards work?
Teachers either buy or create these online educational games. Some call …

Lucky and Kelly in Summer

Here's our latest video! I will post a few more over the summer...
I hope you are enjoying your holidays!

Our YouTube Channel!

We've got 18 videos now on YouTube, so if you haven't seen our channel lately, please take a look!
I've recently added some themed videos on animals, food and the weather. Each has a version for maternelle/Cp/CE1 with no text and another for primary with text. I'm making them very simple, with the words repeated many times!

These videos also follow the same vocabulary in my most recent Boom Cards. I'll explain more about them in my next post, but here is a link if you want to see:

I've also added two GIFs that tell a child whether he or she has gotten something correct or not... The first one says "Sorry!" in a sad voice. They both have music.

Please let me know what you think! I will continue to add more, especially  over

Lucky and Kelly at Home

Lucky et Kelly ร  la maison... C'est ma nouvelle video pour les enfants. Gratuit sur YouTube!

Lucky and Kelly at Home... This is my newest video for children. It's free on YouTube!

see Lucky's new Boom Cards!