Time for a Treasure Hunt!

With the confinement, I am struggling to find ways that I can hold my lessons without the children being stuck in front of a screen for an hour... The first week we played Bingo (Loto) and they enjoyed that, but they are just sitting there...

This may be the solution: a Treasure Hunt in English!

It's very simple...

I created a short video that I showed, while pausing along the way. Each screen showed what item the children's team had to find. I used these words:

    sock spoon paper towels sponge pen pencil fork book shoe shirt soap eraser key tape hat coat

You don't need a video to do this... You could surely just hold a page to the screen with the words to find... But if you want something with the words pronounced and a vocabulary sheet ready to print here is a link to my Teachers Pay Teachers store...


Individual Student Video #1 (eight words) + answer video
Individual Student Video #2 (eight words) + answer video
Team Video (8 words for each team) + answer video
Vocabulary Handout with all 16 words and images of each

We'll do a different one next week!


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